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Why Do People Hire Wedding Planners?

Dana Allison is the Owner and Lead Planner of Keyed Up Events, a Wedding Planning company in Minneapolis, MN. We wanted to hear from her what some of the top reasons she thinks people hire a wedding planner. 

While hiring a Wedding Planner can be beneficial to couples, realistically they can plan their wedding without one. Why do you think so many couples choose to hire one?

I would say one of the top reasons is time. So many of our couples have busy and demanding jobs that doesn’t leave them with a lot of time to search for and communicate with vendors and manage the million details there are when it comes to weddings. Unless they want wedding planning to become their second (or sometimes third) jobs, they hire a Planner to take the pressure off. 

Doesn’t the cost of a Wedding Planner take away a good chunk of their budgets? 

Most of our clients don’t factor in the cost of our services from the overall budget. They see the value in it them and know that ultimately we will save them time and stress during the planning process. We are an investment in their sanity. 

Can a Wedding Planner save you money? 

In many ways, yes! We might be able to get our couples discounts from other vendors but more importantly we can save them from costly decisions. When a couple works with us from the start, especially in finding a venue, we keep their budget in mind when making decisions. We don’t even go down the path of a venue or a vendor they can’t afford unless they are willing to change the budget or make some sacrifices elsewhere. Our clients are never “venue poor” which is what we call couples who chose a venue more expensive than their budget really allows because they didn’t understand the real costs of things. 

Why else do you think couples choose to hire a Wedding Planner?

We find that for many of our couples, their friends and/or family don’t have the experience or the time to give them the support they need in planning. Maybe they are the first of their family or friend group to get married. Or maybe the couple lives in Minnesota but most of their family and friends are out of town. They want an experienced partner who is in town and able to have the knowledge they need and be the boots on the ground with them. 

Why should someone hire Keyed Up Events?

Always a favorite question! We have been in business over 10 years and have such good experience and relationships here in the Twin Cities. Our clients know we will match them up with the right vendors and be proactive with our planning so they know we have GOT this under control for them! 


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