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St. Paul Florist Shares How to Pick the Right Florist for your Wedding Day!

My friend Brooke Martin, owner of Minnesota based wedding floral company Agape Florals, is my guest "friendor" blog writer today! If you're getting married this year and still looking for your florist, these tips will help to guide you in the process. Read on, my friend!

How to Choose the Right Florist for your Wedding

Every florist is different; from their booking process to their design style to the amount of years of experience. So… how do you know which one to book? Do you contact a bunch of local florists and ask them for a quote? Hehe I’ll give you a hint… NO :) Below I’ve listed a few steps to follow to find your dream florist. 

  1. Establish your overall event aesthetic and what’s important to you. 

  2. Do you want an art-inspired wedding? Do you care about sustainability? Are you going for modern and clean, or organic and natural? It’s ok to include your florist as early on as you’d like, as they can assist you in the design process. As long as you have your venue booked so that you have a date secured, you can hire your florist! 

  3. Choose a florist you resonate with, instead of budget alone

  4. The reason I don’t recommend reaching out to a bunch of vendors asking for a quote so you can “compare” is because choosing a florist is not like comparing apples to apples. Every florist is unique. A friend of mine recently posted on Instagram about the idea that comparing florists is like comparing restaurants. Do you choose an Italian restaurant based on menu pricing alone, or is it more so the experience and quality provided by the restaurant? 

  5. Every florist is going to have their own way of pricing the event, based on the types of designs they come up with, what flowers they plan on sourcing, how big of a team they need to hire, how many years of experience they have, their design skills, and they quality of the overall experience. So rather than focusing solely on pricing, I recommend finding a florist who’s aesthetic you enjoy. Do you like what they have on their website? On Instagram? Which proposal resonates with you most? Who do you feel confident can execute your vision? It’s ok to contact two florists you like and go through both of their booking processes to compare overall, but we urge you to seek more than solely pricing. Most florists can work with your budget, or come up with designs that would fit your budget. 

  6. If you’re not sure of what your budget should be, reach out to a florist! We would all be happy to talk through what typical price ranges are, depending on how many people are going to be there and what you’re looking for. 

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out

Agape Florals is a Minnesota based wedding florist who services the Twin Cities metro and beyond.

Our mission is to create works of art while thoughtfully honoring each clients’ unique taste, prioritizing environmentally friendly mechanics and the use of local flowers.


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