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Stubborn hair that won't hold a curl?

Are you a bride to be with hair that refuses to hold a curl? Don't fret! With the right products and the expertise of your bridal hairstylist, you can get curls that last!

Here's my top steps to get your stubborn hair to last:

  • shop around for bridal stylists that showcase a lot of hair down. If they have a lot of hair that is down in their portfolio, they've most likely learned how to get it to stay!

  • Do a trial earlier in the day and then get your hair out in the wind! See how long your curls can last after your trial. Count the hours from when your ceremony starts after you get your hair done, and make sure your curls will last at least through your ceremony time!

  • Get some layers put in! Heavier hair doesn't hold a curl as well, so layers will help.

  • Use a clarifying shampoo prior to your trial run. Get all that product build up off your strands so it has the best chance to hold long lasting curls :)

Here are a few pictures of my beautiful bride who had curl resistant hair-we made it happen!!


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