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Five Simple Tips to Help You Pick the Right Wedding Entertainer

Guest post by my friend and wedding DJ, Greg Ellis of Neckwerk Entertainment

A wedding is a special moment in a couple’s life, marking thetransition from a whirlwind romance to an eternal love story. That’s why careful thought and consideration is given to such a momentous day — from picking a venue and caterer to choosing a florist and DJ. It’s easy to overlook, but the DJ can make or break your big day. So how do you choose the right DJ? Here are five tips you can use to guide your search for the perfect wedding entertainer.


1. Have an idea in mind. The first step is having a general idea of what you want. Do you prefer a string quartet or a DJ who can create an all-night dance party? Both have unique skills, but each brings a different vibe to your wedding reception.Whatever the desire, knowing what you want will help narrow your search and keep the process from becoming overwhelming. Never forget you’re the client and the vendor you ultimately choose is there to serve you — you shouldn’t feel rushed into making a choice.


2. Do your homework. It’s a good idea to do research on potential entertainers. Most reputable vendors will have a website or social media pages (Facebook, Instagram , Tic Toc, etc.) you can browse to become familiar with their servicesand prices. You need to find testimonials online, or reviews and ratings from third-party websites (eg.  The Knot) to see what past clients have had to say about their own experiences.


3. Ask the right questions. Once you have a short list of questions, schedule an in-person or zoom meeting. If the vendor has multiple entertainers, ask to meet with the person who will be present for your wedding reception. Topics you should  include your expectations , their services andequipment , playlists or song suggestions (if you need some help) and if they are familiar with your venue. Put them on the spot and ask how they’re different from others and why they should be your only choice. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for references — any reputable vendor should provide a few without hesitation.


4. Ask your DJ about contingency planning due to natural disasters or sickness.  Events such as a possible pandemic could cause your event to be postponed. Addressing your dj about these possibilities can give you clarity and understanding about the process to coordinate rescheduling if it becomes necessary. If your DJ gets sick or has an emergency, does he have a “fill in” to provide what’s needed for your event?


5. Pick a vendor and sign an agreement. Before finalizingan agreement, read it closely to make sure what you’ve discussed is documented and that you’re comfortable with the fine print. If something is missing or doesn’t seem right, contact the DJ to clarify and update the paperwork. It’s a good idea to ask your DJ if they’ll also meet with you a few weeks prior to run through the final program and iron out any missing details. Being specific in your requests will provide peace of mind and help minimize the potential for confusion.


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