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The Importance of Caring + Wedding Vendors

You've just gotten engaged. You create your Pinterest board, get a fresh notebook, and start your search for the perfect wedding vendors. It's so exciting! So fun! So.....overwhelming. How in the actual world do you know who you should hire? Obviously there's some easy way to narrow things down: location, availability, and budget to name a few. But beyond that you need to dive deeper into websites, reviews, photos, and recommendations. In some ways it's nice to have the world wide web at our fingertips to be able to see all the options, but in other ways that can be just too much information.

Today I want to share with you one way to narrow down your search and find wedding vendors that will becoming a special part of your big day. It's finding wedding vendors who care. Okay cool, that's great Heidi, but what actual will come up if I google search "caring wedding florist"?? I know, I know, I'm adding something else to your plate because you'll have to dig a little deeper to find the type of wedding vendor you're looking for. But here's the thing: if you are planning to have a wedding that's intentional, intimate, and filled with people you love and care for, it's' worth spending a bit of extra time to find wedding vendors who really care. Wedding vendors who care about you, about your love story, about really serving you on your wedding day. Finding vendors who will take the time to listen to you, be present with you and your family, and care about the details will make your day something incredible.

How do you find these people, you ask? The first step is to read reviews and pay attention to what brides say about them. Did they just do a good job, or does it seem like they really care about their work? Next is to follow them on social media. How are they communicating about their work and their brides? Do they post things that really honor the clients they've worked with, or do they complain about their work or seem careless at times? Then I'd advise checking out their website. Do they sound like a real person? Do they exude joy about their work? Do they demonstrate a caring nature in their messaging?

I had a really special moment at the holiday party I hosted for my team this year. We were all sitting around my living room, enjoying the glow of the fire in the fireplace and Christmas treats. We shared things that were challenging about the previous wedding season, a few funny stories, and just connected in ways we normally can't while we're working. Then someone said, "you know, it really is an honor to be with brides on their wedding day morning." The rest of my team immediately agreed, and chimed in about how it really is an intimate space to be invited into and what a privilege we have as beauty professionals to be a part of it. Now, I've always felt this way but to hear it from my team was really incredible. I know my team is talented, but I also know they have big hearts and really, truly care about this work. It's a huge priority to me to hire people on my team who care about serving the brides they work with, and recognize they although it's just another day to us, it's THE day for the bride.

I just want to encourage you to think not only about the price of your wedding vendor or how nice their website is. Think about who you want to surround you on your wedding day and what kind of presence they will bring when they are in the room. People who care about their work and about you will bring so much meaning to your special day.


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