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How to Pick your Wedding Day Hairstylist

  1. Give yourself time: Give yourself plenty of time to start your research. You definitely don’t want to be scrambling around a few months before your wedding trying to find someone available. Begin your search early. Check out wedding websites, local facebook groups, referrals from friends, and instagram. Start to get an idea for who is in your area, what their rates are like, and what kind of services they offer.

  2. Check out portfolios and social media: Pictures are everything and speak for themselves. Every hairstylist should have a legit website with real photos of brides and wedding parties. Follow up with their social media channels. Do they post a lot of styles you like? Is their quality of work consistent? Do you get excited when you see their feed? You want to make sure you’re seeing updos and styles that you could see on yourself and would want to save as ideas.

  3. Read reviews! Reviews speak for themselves! They are golden in telling you what you need to know about the companies you are considering hiring. Read through what real brides have to say, and imagine the way you want to feel after your wedding day. Do these brides convey those feelings? It’s also important to look at how the company responds to any negative feedback. That will give you really good insight into how they operate.

  4. Have a trial run: If you’re anxious about your hair and makeup, and know you won’t feel comfortable until you actually try someone out, find a company that will let you have a trial run before booking! You will have to pay for this service, but often they’ll apply it to the overall cost if you decide to book with them. Having a trial run before putting down a big deposit can give you the peace of mind you need. Alternatively, you can book a company and do a trial run early with them. That way, if you feel you need a second trial run you’ll have plenty of time. This comes back to starting your research early! You’ll have much more peace about everything when you have the time to make sure everything is perfect.

  5. Ask real questions: Book a consultation! A seasoned company will offer you a free consultation. Even if you’ve read every review, stalked them on social media, and memorized their website, nothing beats a real live conversation. Ask all of the questions you have, and don't feel silly about it! You've never done this before, and they're the experts. It's okay to ask everything. Remember, sometimes just talking with someone can help you build trust and feel confident in your decision to book.

  6. The vibe. This is super important and often forgotten! Your bridal hair and makeup team will be with you as you start your wedding day. You want to work with someone who you feel comfortable with, who brings the type of energy you want, and who you connect with. You’ll be spending a lot of time with them and it’s important that they flow seamlessly into your morning.

All in all, just make sure you're really excited to work with the stylist you pick. And remember, keep open communication and be honest! You'll have the best experience if you're honest about your ideas and thoughts throughout the process.

Don't forget-have fun!!

Styled and planned by Jenna Culley Events

Makeup by Ziel Bridal


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