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What Minnesota Brides Need to Know About Their Wedding Hair

If you live in Minnesota, you know that the weather can hit the most extremes. We get so cold ice crystals can form on our lashes, and so hot that a dip in Lake Superior actually is desirable. Aside from a daily talking point for Minnesotans, what does that weather have to do with your wedding hair? Maybe more than you think!

Let’s first talk summers and early fall. The humidity can be brutal, and it’s especially challenging if you have hair that has any kind of curl or wave in it. If you’re dreaming of Hollywood Glam waves or an all down style, you really want to be aware of what humidity can do. Not only does your hair have the potential to get frizzy, but it also can fall flat quickly and lose the curl. 

What about winter? That can’t be too rough on hair, right? Yes and no. If you have to travel to your venue after your hair is done, you need to be super careful with coats or scarves and not letting it rub your neckline and frizz your updo. If you’re hair is down you definitely don’t want to be pulling it out of a coat or flattening it under a coat. If you have snowy or wet conditions, your hair is at risk too! 

Okay, before you get upset because I’ve given you one more thing to be stressed about, let me offer up some solutions and suggestions! I promise I won’t leave you more stressed than you came 😆.

  • Limit travel between getting ready and the venue, get ready at your venue if possible

  • If you have to travel, make sure you have someone to drive you and hold an umbrella over your head if it’s snowy or rainy 

  • If you have to be outside to travel or do outdoor pictures, consider hiring your stylist on for touch up’s before the ceremony. Most companies offer this service for an hourly rate (we do!).

  • Have a back up hairstyle if you were planning on all down. If you’re wedding day turns out to not have great weather, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider doing a trial run of an all up hairstyle instead of your all down look so you can pivot on the wedding day without stress.

  • If hiring your hair team for touch ups is out of your budget, then have a hair emergency kit ready. Have a curling iron to touch up curls before your ceremony, hairspray to smooth flyaways, and Bobby pins to get those loose strands. 

  • If you’re not from Minnesota but you’re getting married here, make sure you talk to your hairstylist so she knows your hair might be doing things that you’re not used to. You might need to get a blow out before your updo or use a different combo of products for prep. 

Of course we can’t control the weather, and of course it can always change and throw us off! But anything you can prep for in advance will help mitigate stress on the big day and put your mind at ease knowing you’ve covered all of your bases.

Have questions? Still looking for your wedding day hairstylist? Book a quick consult with me here, it’s free and I’d love to chat!!

With gratitude,

Heidi :)


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