I LOVE adding real flowers to updos! They add a pretty pop of color, and really can bring your whole look together. But what's the best way to make them last and stay in? My best advice is to talk to your florist in advance. Ask the florist to pick a variety of flowers and greenery from your bouquets and wrap them individually with flower tape. This way, you'll have a few to choose from and arrange in your hair. The flower tape on the step helps maintain the integrity of the flower while it's pinned into your hair so it doesn't wilt. The flower tape also acts like a pin to slide right into your updo, and be held really easily with a bobby pin.

I also recommend keeping a few extras on hand in the chance that a flower does wilt and you need to swap it out. It never hurts to be extra prepared!!

Here's a few examples of flower accessories I love!

Florals by Studio B Floral Designs

Florals by Studio B Floral Designs

Bethany Jackson Photography //Florals by Wilderland Floral

Nicole Spangler Photography

Wedding season is just around the corner here in Minnesota! Even though the snowfall doesn’t give hope for spring, my mind is seeing cheery bouquets and brides walking down a grassy aisle in the warm air!

Wedding season coming means that we’re deep in trials, and I wanted to share with you some real life trial runs and give you a few details on the brides hair. This way, you can get some ideas for yourself as you brainstorm for your own wedding!

Low romantic bun

Her hair was well past her shoulders, but very fine and lacked volume. I used a lot of techniques to make it look much more full than it was in reality.

This will get some polishing on the wedding day so there’s zero flyaways, but overall her hair required a lot of product to hold curl. The soft wave was a good choice because the length and weight of it wouldn’t hold tighter curls all night. She’s going to get more layers before the wedding and that will help the curls last and last.

We actually changed this look up entirely on the wedding day! She didn’t love how the hair was parted in the front and wanted it all going straight back, so we did that and had to adjust the braid to go more down her back rather than across her head to accommodate the new look in front.

This bride wanted to try both up and down because she was undecided. I enhanced her natural curls with a small curling iron, rather than changing their shape.

I pulled it all up, still leaving some curls out for a softer look, and this is what she ended up going with for her wedding day. It was beautiful!!

Well friends, I hope some of these real brides gave you some inspiration! For even more, check out my Instagram at @139hairbyheidi.com

Thanks for being here!

Heidi :)

Today I’m going to share with you a few weddings from 2021 that will give you some inspiration for your own wedding! The fun part is, both bride’s are Abby :)

The first Abby wanted a half up half down look, and to keep her bangs face-frarmed and natural. I thought the results turned out so beautiful-and she told me her curls lasted all night long!

Check out these beautiful photos:

The makeup was done by my friend and colleague, Jacquelyn of First Looks LLC!


The next Abby I want to share with you decided to wear her naturally wavy hair all up, but keep the texture that her hair already had, The result is elegant and soft, but not too overdone. Her hair was about shoulder length, so you can see what we can achieve with hair that is shorter! We added some real flowers which really was exactly what the style needed to make it pop!

The makeup was done by my lead makeup artist, Miranda, and those gorgeous florals you see is my friend Jamie over at Wilderland Floral . They got married at Bloom Lake Barn, and it was planned perfectly by Dana at Keyed Up Events.

I hope that gave you some ideas for your big day!

All the best-

Heidi :)

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