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When Should I Cut My Hair Before My Wedding?

This is a question I get asked all of the time! Everyone wants to know when to make their final hair appointment before the big day, and how much is a safe amount to cut off. I've got a few tips for you to consider when planning out your pre-wedding hair journey. Let's take a look, shall we?

First: Once you've gathered a handful of inspiration photos, send them over to your wedding hairstylist along with a current picture of your hair. They will be able to tell you if you need to grow your hair out, add extensions, or if your current length is just fine. This will give you a roadmap leading up to your wedding of how to treat your hair. Totally clueless on how you want your hair? That's okay! Still send a current photo of your hair and see if your stylist has any suggestions right away.

Second: Do the trial run! Once your bridal hairstylist actually gets to work with your hair, they will be able to make really accurate suggestions for your final haircut. This could be trimming off dead ends, thinning out your hair so your bun is smaller or not so heavy, adding layers so your all-down curls hold up better, or adding face framing layers to leave out of your updo. Make sure to take photos and bring them to your stylist as well as any specific notes you need to remember.

Third: Schedule your final haircut 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding date, after your trial run. This will ensure everything is fresh, and give you time to get your trial done and know exactly what to tell your regular hairstylist.

Have any more questions?? I'm always here to help! Send me a DM on instagram @139hairbyheidi or shoot me an email at I'm here for you!


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