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How to Add Flowers to Your Updo

I LOVE adding real flowers to updos! They add a pretty pop of color, and really can bring your whole look together. But what's the best way to make them last and stay in? My best advice is to talk to your florist in advance. Ask the florist to pick a variety of flowers and greenery from your bouquets and wrap them individually with flower tape. This way, you'll have a few to choose from and arrange in your hair. The flower tape on the step helps maintain the integrity of the flower while it's pinned into your hair so it doesn't wilt. The flower tape also acts like a pin to slide right into your updo, and be held really easily with a bobby pin.

I also recommend keeping a few extras on hand in the chance that a flower does wilt and you need to swap it out. It never hurts to be extra prepared!!

Here's a few examples of flower accessories I love!


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