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Hollywood Glam Waves

*are you a stylist looking for a course on how to create glam waves? Click here for the course!

One of the most popular looks this year has been all down styles-especially Hollywood Glam Waves. Some brides love the truly vintage, big swooped bang look-and some prefer a more modern take. I love the simple beauty of it, and how flexible the style can be to suit your specific wedding look.

The most important thing to keep in mind with waves, is that in order for them to last all night you need to have a good set prior to styling. That means setting the hair in a curl formation and letting it sit on your head for at least an hour before taking it out. This helps to lock in the style and really make it last. The other part of longevity is the product. A professional stylist will have the pro products and techniques to make this look hold up all night.

If your hair type is really fine and doesn't hold a curl well, I need to be honest and say this may not be the wedding hairstyle for you. However-one trick to try is to add extensions. Extensions provide a good base for your hair to sort of "rest on" and help hold up a good wave. I highly recommend giving that a shot at a trial run to see if stubborn, doesn't-want-to-curl hair can get what it needs to give you the look you want!

Here are a few different ways you can have Hollywood Glam Waves for your wedding!

A softer, more modern version:

A traditional glam style:

Here's another style with a modern look:

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