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Half up/half down? All down? All up? HELP!

I get this question all of the time! You want to try it down, but you want it to stay, but maybe you should have it up, but you don't want to look bald, but you want your veil to stay.....sound familiar? It's a real wedding struggle! Don't worry, I am here to help!

This is when I don't recommend wearing your hair totally down:

  • hot weather

  • your hair doesn't hold a curl

  • you have a long time after getting ready before your ceremony

  • long space between ceremony and reception

  • it bothers you if it's in your face

Now, if you really want to have your hair down on your wedding day, and any of the above applies to you, then I recommend doing half up. This way even if the curls fall, you still have a little something going on to make it look "done". It also will stay better half up because you are less prone to touch it to move it out of your face. One other solution if you are desperate to have your hair down is to hire a stylist that can stick around for touch ups. This is usually for an additional fee, but then they can re-curl your hair after pictures and after your ceremony if it is needed. My last piece of advice if you want your hair down is to schedule a trial in the morning, and try it out . See how it looks by the end of the day and if you are still happy with it, then go for it on your wedding!

For those of you who worry about looking bald, never fear because loose and romantic styles can be very secure and long lasting, and keep your hair soft and flowing around your face. Getting a haircut before your wedding with face framing layers will allow for some pieces to stay loose and dreamy around your face. You an also ask for an updo that is more on the nape of your neck, that way when you look straight on at yourself in pictures you will see hair from the front. The other option is to have it sweep to the side. Gone are the days that updos are only pretty from the back!

Here are some examples of half up/half down, all down, and loosely pinned up. Hopefully this will give you some ideas to show your stylist what you are hoping for on your wedding day!

Off to the side, really soft and romantic.

Allison Hopperstand Photography

Half up/half down:best of both worlds!

BethCath Photography

She had a little pinned up in the back for her veil, and even though her curls fell she was happy because she felt the most comfortable with it down.

This is all up, but really romantic and soft so she still has hair around her face and touching her shoulders. It will stay all day and she won't worry about any curls falling.

Here is a really simple way to wear your hair half up and half down. Even if the curls fall a bit, there is still something interesting in the back to keep it looking bridal.

This is mostly down, but she just has one side pulled up to make it look a little different than her normal hairstyle. It looks great with or without a hair accessory!


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