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Bridal Makeup Tips for Cold Weather

BRRRR Minnesota cold is coming! Here are some cold weather tips from a makeup expert:

To most women, being a bride happens only once in a lifetime. This is a good enough reason why brides want everything to be perfect for their big day. The flowers, the venue, the music. Everything must be perfect so everyone can have a great time and remember that day in a good light. But what's most important to a bride is that she looks and feels amazing. And most brides do. They have their fancy hairstyles, makeup, dresses, shoes. How could you not feel amazing when you look like a princess and all eyes are on you? Well, certain things can have a negative effect on all those months of planning and preparing. Different types of weather are usually the reasons why not everything goes the way you planned. What the weather can influence the most is the brides makeup. That is why we decided to gather some of the best bridal makeup tips for different types of weather so you can avoid some of the bad things that can happen.

Makeup tips for very cold weather:

Cold weather can be just as bad as extremely hot weather. Cold air dries out the skin. If you have makeup on your face, dry skin will just make it look very bad. Your pores and fine lines will be enhanced. Women with sensitive skin might even experience peeling around the lips and in between the nostrils. Having this happen on one of the most important days of your life can be very stressful. Especially because you will be the center of attention and you will have a professional photographer following you around documenting everything. So a tip to all the brides getting married in the winter is to properly moisturize your skin. Winter is the time when your whole body needs to be moisturized and hydrated, but your face is the most important part. This is because, during winter, most of the time just your face and your hands are exposed to the harsh, cold air. So, to prevent enhanced fine lines and skin peeling, remember to moisturize.It is important to moisturize your skin in the winter, especially your face and your hands.

It is also very important that you have a pre-wedding skincare routine so that your skin looks even more amazing. This will also prevent your makeup from looking too cakey. To make it even less so, you should use a makeup fixing spray. This will make your makeup look more natural and put-together. If you want to achieve a dewy makeup look on a cold winter day, priming your face with a hydrating primer or a thick cream is necessary. With the same efficiency that you would pack your shoes the right way before you move, you should also prepare a makeup bag with all the necessary products. Setting spray, powder, mascara. You have to be able to fix any makeup mishaps that happen.

These are all the bridal makeup tips you need to achieve the perfect look. But no matter how you look, you will be filled with joy and happiness throughout the whole day and this won't matter as much. What is important is that you have a good time and enjoy as much as you can.

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