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Wedding Favors & Vendor Gifts.

Soooooo-wedding favors. Some people do them, so people don't. I think it's a matter of preference and of budget-they can really add up! Even if you aren't doing favors for your guests, sometimes it is nice to do small gifts for the people that are really close to you, or even for vendors that you really appreciate. I recently found out about Forever Wedding Favors, which is a website dedicated to wedding favors and wedding-related gifts. They have some really unique and fun ideas, and I recommend checking them out! I was able to try out a few of them.

I received a wine opener, salt and pepper shakers (in hugging polar bear formation!), magnet picture frames, wine bottle stopper, key shaped bottle opener, and vintage type key "love" magnets. I loved the key bottle opener-it's cute and small, and easy to travel with. I also though the typewriter key magnets were really cute and would make a good gift. You could definitely have them on a magnetic white board or your fridge. Basically, I appreciate gifts that are not only cute but practical!

I encourage you to check out this company if you are stumped for gifts, or just looking for something wedding-themed that is a little more unique, They have plenty of ideas for you!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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