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Hey friends!

I feel like around New Years I get this anxious feeling of overwhelm-I am supposed to be making all these new goals, creating a better version of myself, and just do a million things different to start the year fresh. Some of it I buy into, but some of it is just pressure of the world around me. Here's the thing-there are some things that went really well last year that I'd like to bring in to the new year. There are some things that could definitely be improved for 2019. I've been taking some time to reflect on these things in my personal life and in my business life, and when you are engaged it is the perfect time to do the same.

What are some of the things that went really well in your relationship this past year? What are things that you are struggling with that could be better? How do you want your engagement season to look, and what will you bring in to your marriage? Do you want your engagement to be stressful, busy, overwhelming, and a time when you fight with your fiance? I would guess not! Engagement is not only preparing for a wedding, but it is seriously preparing for your marriage. I want to encourage you to take some intentional time with your fiance to think about how your engagement season will look and how you want your relationship to grow and thrive during it. What things do you need to do to find time to connect? What do you need to do in this new year as a couple to enter into your marriage in a healthy way? How can you take time for each other, serve each other, and find joy in this process?

It takes some intentional time of sitting down and thinking about these things, and some work and probably vulnerability! I promise though, it will be totally worth it. When you can enter into your marriage feeling excited about your new life, rather than burnt out from months or years of stress and planning, you will be so happy you and your partner took the time to cultivate joy and intentionality during your engagement. Let's bring joy to your engagement, and let that overflow into your marriage!

Happy New Year to you, and here's to a beautiful journey ahead!

Heidi :)

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