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Wedding Look Tips: How to choose your hairstyle and stylist

Hey bride-to-be! My friends over at Dove are offering some great advice on how to choose your style and stylist!

In the lead up to the biggest day of your life you have a lot to think about, from all the advice on how to get shiny hair to the best skin regime, to choosing the right bridal party and of course the perfect dress. One area that need not cause you any stress, however, is choosing your hairstyle and stylist. Here are some top tips to get you on the right track.

Choosing your hairstyle

Create a Pinterest board, or scrap book page When it comes to selecting your perfect hair style sometimes the best thing is to search the internet and magazines for pictures of ones that your love and saving them all together so that you can compare and contrast and choose your favorite.

Create a short list Once you have collated a group of pictures of your favourites, whittle them down to your top ten or top five hairstyles so that you have begun to close in on the one that you will use on your big day.

Try them out Sometimes the best way to narrow your choices is to see how they look. Whether you seek a professional stylist or get a friend to help, creating the style will help you envision how you will look on your big day and give you a chance to choose the one you like the best.

Consider which hairstyle will go with your choice of dress The most important part of your outfit will always be your dress, so when picking out your makeup and hairstyle it is imperative you choose something that will compliment the dress style. Dresses with a high neckline will look better with your hair up and off your neck, whilst a low bun or curls will look great with a low sweetheart neckline.

Choosing your stylist

Book a consultation One of the best ways to get to know a stylist is to book an appointment with them and speak to them in depth about what they can offer and the vision they have for you on the day. They will be able to offer advice on hair care and tips on how to get shiny hair ahead of the big day, whilst listening to you and taking your wishes into consideration. Getting to know them will give you a chance to see if they are the right person to the job.

Organize a trial run Once you are comfortable with your stylist, be sure to organise a trial run of your day. Testing out the process from start to finish with you chosen stylist will give you a chance to be sure that you have made the right decision about both your stylist and your hair style, whilst preparing you for the big day so that there are no surprises and things can go as smoothly as possible. Once you have made your decisions, regardless of whether you are months, or weeks away from your special day; be sure that you follow basic hair care advice to keep your hair in the best condition ready for when your chosen stylist begins to work your hair into the hairstyle that will start the best day of your life with a smile.

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