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Pre-Wedding Day Hair Care Tips

Hey friends! Since I don't work in the salon, I don't always share advice about pre-wedding hair prep. Good thing I have some pals who do! Today I am sharing some great tips to get your hair wedding ready!

Hair by 139 Hair by Heidi, Photo by Lauren Kirkbride Photography

Hair care tips to prep for the big day

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day and, along with what you’re wearing, your hair is something that’ll really stand out. It’s all about having a styling and care plan in place well in advance. Follow a few simple hair care tips and you’ll be able to look forward to your big day without having a last-minute panic over your hair.

Choose your stylist well in advance When it comes to pre-wedding hair care tips, one of the most important is to select your stylist early on in the process. The last thing you want to worry about as the big day approaches is trying to find someone. Take time finding one that you feel you can trust and you’ll be much more comfortable. Talk to the stylist to get their ideas and start building the relationship early on.

Make a plan

Part of the planning will involve your stylist and part is down to you. Things like booking in trial haircuts and securing your stylist for your final style can all be done when you make your choice of professional. It’s down to you to set a timeline for when you want to get things done and make sure you’ve got a plan to look after your locks.

Start the hair care regime early

If you’ve already got a hair care routine that works, stick to it rigorously. If you haven’t, start one as far in advance of the wedding as you can – at least six months before would be great. Hair masks, deep conditioning treatments, constant clipping of split ends – whatever you need to do to get or keep your hair at its glossiest best. Stick to your routine and your hair will be in tip-top shape come the big day.

Now’s not the time to experiment

Apart from having trial cuts and styles well in advance of the big day, this is not a period to be trying out new things. Steer clear of products that you’ve never used before, as you never know how your hair is going to react. They might not be suitable and you really don’t want to risk any damage.

Make regular trips to the salon

One of the best ways to keep your hair in great shape, and something that will be on any list of top hair care tips, is having regular trims, so stick to this mantra in the months before your wedding. This will keep your hair in order and give your stylist a chance to monitor the condition of your strands and suggest any necessary changes to your usual hair care routine.

Be careful with specialist treatments

Another thing you want to avoid when it comes to radical changes is leaving them to the last minute. Just like when you want to try out a completely new cut, make sure you book in any color changes well in advance too. It’s not just about seeing whether you like the new tone, it’s also about seeing how your hair reacts.

There you have it: an easy-to-follow plan to get your hair looking its best when it comes time to say, “I do”! Implement these tried and tested hair care tips and you’ll be looking your best on the big day.

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