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Should I cut or color my hair before my wedding?

I am sure you have a million appointments to get to before your wedding, plus family in town and a to do list that's out the window, so scheduling your hair cut and color can be an after thought. I get it! Even though it is easy to let it slip through the cracks, I recommend making an appointment well in advance so a) you don't forget about it and b) your wedding day hairstyle will be optimized.

Brides ask me all the time when they should have their hair cut and colored before their wedding, and usually recommend about 2 weeks before your wedding. This ensures enough to time to fix any color if it's not exactly what you wanted, and it's not too long so there won't be any grow out at your roots. I also recommend doing your wedding hair trial first-this way if there are specific things your stylist needs your hair to do, she can make recommendations to your regular hairstylists for your cut. For example, if you want to have some pieces out on the sides, you and your wedding day stylist can figure out exactly what you need cut to achieve that look and then bring that to your hairstylist to cut it just right.

Here are some tips for getting your hair done before your big day:

-wait until after your wedding day hair trial, and bring pictures to your stylist of what your hair will look like

-don't try a new hairstylist for the first time, go with someone tried and true who knows your hair (especially if you are doing color!)

-if you have dark hair and are having an updo for your wedding, subtle highlights or a soft balayage will bring out the dimension in your updo

-if you have gray to cover or lighten your hair all over from a darker color, I recommend doing your roots a week before the wedding with your trusted stylist. You don't want to see any little bit of root grow back.

-if you have been growing out your hair for your wedding and haven't cut in a year or more, I recommend getting a slight trim so you have healthy ends for your updo

-if you are wearing your hair down for your wedding, I recommend cutting off around an inch to make sure you have nice, clean ends that curl well and don't look fried or frizzy

-if your hair is really coarse or frizzy, a professional blow-out a day or two before your wedding can help your wedding day updo look extra smooth and amazing

-not doing any color? Treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment to get your hair shiny and soft before the big day!

I hope this helps give you some tips on getting your hair cut and colored before your wedding! Happy planning!

Heidi :)

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