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Presence on your Wedding Day

As I was doing a trial with bride last week, we were chatting about what song she was going to walk down the aisle too. She asked what I used for my own wedding, and I shared with her that my husband really wanted Canon in D so we had that played on the cello by a friend. I sort of laughed and said we could have chosen any song really, because as I was walking down the aisle I don't remember hearing anything at all!

I was reflecting on this later in the week, and realized that walking down the aisle to join with my husband-to-be was one of the most profound experiences of my life. It wasn't because I had the perfect song, or the decorations were just right, or because of the flowers I held-it was because I was the most alive and joy-filled in that very moment than I ever had been before. I wasn't thinking about anything else, only the current moment, taking one step at a time towards the love of my life. I could feel the smiles of friends and family surrounding me, my eyes were filled with tears and my face was stretched into the biggest smile I've ever had. Not one other thought crossed my mind, and the joy in that moment was palpable to me. I was completely at peace, completely happy, totally joyful, and so completely present.

I look back on that moment and I really thank God for that gift. I could have been sad because my dad wasn't there to walk with me. I could have been anxious with all of the eyes watching me. I could have been worried about my makeup running. I could have listened to make sure the song was at the right measure. My mind could have been in so many places. My prayer for each and every bride that I work with is that you too will experience this profound moment on your wedding day, being totally present to what is happening: you are walking towards your Love, the one who chose you, the one who you have chosen. Nothing else matters but that. I also pray you can draw upon that moment with joy and remember it fully when you think of your wedding. I also pray that when marriage is hard you can remember that moment and choose to walk towards your spouse even when you don't want too. The wedding is only the beginning of a long walk together, but taking those first steps can be one of the greatest gifts we experience on our wedding day.

I love this picture even though I don't look poised and pulled together-it perfectly captured how I was feeling in the moment!

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