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Wedding Day Timelines

As your wedding day approaches, all of those little details start to creep up on you. They can be incredibly overwhelming! Especially when you are doing most of the planning yourself.

As a hairstylist, I need to make sure to start your day off right and to keep you and your wedding party on schedule. The way I accomplish this is by creating personalized timelines for each and every wedding party. After a bride communicates with her photographer on when they will start photos, we work backwards from when they want to be completely ready to go by.

So for example, if you are starting photography at 2pm, I recommend having everyone dressed and ready to go by 1 or 1:30pm. This way, you have time to eat lunch, take a breather, and have some buffer time in case things take longer.

Any hairstylist and makeup artist you hire should be able to give you an approximate time per person they need to finish everyone. This way you can have an accurate estimation of when to start getting ready and what to expect for your morning. Having a beauty timeline will keep your gals on time, help you to feel at ease knowing everyone has an "appointment" (even if they are all just hanging out in the hotel drinking mimosas with you!), and give you the peace of mind knowing it will all get done. Play some music, have someone bring breakfast, and enjoy these few peaceful hours before things get rolling.

If your beauty team hasn't offered to make a timeline for you, ask for one! Chat with your photographer on their timeline first, then let your stylist know when you want to be ready by.

Jeannine Marie Photography

Here a few things to consider:

  • do you want your photographer to capture "getting ready" photos of you? If so, make sure your timeline allows for this

  • do you want your mom or anyone else to help you get into your dress with the photographer capturing it? If so make sure your mom is dressed and made up and ready to go by then too!

  • did you buy robes or something cute for your bridesmaids to wear? Give yourself some time at the end of getting ready before putting on dresses to take some photos of your bridal squad in their gear!

  • are you having lunch? Make sure you have lunch! Allow time for this in your timeline, and also if your makeup gal is leaving before you eat make sure to grab some touch up lip color for yourself!

I recommend getting this timeline together a month or so before your wedding. Send it to your bridesmaids so they know what to expect, and check one more thing off of your to-do list!

Photo by Jeannine Marie Photography

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