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Be a Honeymooner

A quick word on your honeymoon:

I have heard from a number of friends and past brides about the "post-wedding blues." It makes sense, seeing that you pour your heart and soul into planning your wedding and then it's suddenly over. While I think it is normal and a little bit expected that we should feel sad when the day of our dreams comes to an end, I think that the best solution to post wedding sadness is none other than the honeymoon. It seems that just over half of the brides I talk to go on a honeymoon right away, but many opt to wait until they can save up more money, have more time off of work, or wait until the winter when they want to hightail it out of Minnesota. All of these are very valid reasons, but I want to encourage you to consider taking a night or two away after your wedding even if you are waiting to go on your official honeymoon. Those first hours after your wedding is so special for you and your new husband. You both will be so excited and riding on the joy of what just happened, and it's such a unique time to be able to share in that happiness. You can spend the day looking at pictures friends have posted, talking about your favorite parts, and just dwelling in all of the beautiful moments. If you just one more night to do this away from your home, away from anyone else, and cherish one more day of wedding bliss I truly don't think you will regret it. If you need a few ideas, I provided a few to think about! Happy Planning!

Ideas for a short getaway:

  • Local B & B, either right in the cities or someplace like Stillwater (they have a lot to choose from!).

  • Air B & B or VRBO in a place you normally wouldn't stay, like a loft downtown Minneapolis or overlooking Lake Calhoun.

  • A night at a historic place like The Saint Paul Hotel or Hotel 340

  • A treehouse!

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