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Something Sweet

Have you thought about dessert yet? Looking to move beyond the 3 tiers of buttercream or dozens of cupcakes? Here are my three favorite cake alternatives that I have personally tasted, swooned over, and begged for more of right here in our own backyard.

North Mallow Co

So, I've never been a big s'more's fan...aside from the whole ritual of it. That was until I met Mike, and had the most luxurious s'more I've ever experienced: a vanilla bean marshmallow sandwiched between Ghiradelli caramel chocolate in roasted perfection. SOO tasty! Here is what Mike has to tell you about North Mallow Co:

Our custom s'more bar is more than just a dessert! It is a fun and interactive experience for your guests to enjoy. With North Mallow & Co., you receive up to 3 hours of roasting with your choice of 4 flavors of our homemade marshmallows (vanilla bean, chocolate chip, caramel, and mocha). They are all-natural, gluten free, and corn syrup free. They will never catch on fire because there are no chemical preservatives like the store-bought version. We include a variety of chocolates, such as Ghirardelli, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, and classic Hershey's. To allow for all of their guests to enjoy the s'more experience, we provide both traditional and gluten free graham crackers. One of our "Roast Masters" will be at the event the entire time helping your guests choose the best s'more combinations, as well as answer any questions that may come up.

We offer a free S'more Tasting! You can choose their mallow flavors as well as your "Signature S'more." The Signature S'more is you and your fiancee's favorite marshmallow and chocolate combination, which I send over to Clair from Hooked Calligraphy and she writes it up beautifully!

Ali Leigh Photo

I was a macaron skeptic. I had one, it was dry and crispy, sharp in flavor, and totally lackluster. I was sharing these facts with Nikkolette and she said "Oh, you haven't had a good macaron." She explained how while she was visiting France, she tasted these little delights, and fell in love with their slightly crunchy outside and light and chewy insides, and she was intrigued to learn how to make them. Oh, and make them she did! I told her I would give hers a shot, and I fell in love at first bite! I had one, I had two....and then I took a break to figure out a socially acceptable way to have more. They are delicious and beautiful, the perfect finish to a lovely dinner, and so beautiful to display at your reception.

Three Mad Poppers

I don't have anything to say about this except for it is DELICIOUS. I got to have a little favor bag full of their caramel corn....and that was so not enough. I needed about 5 bags. Maybe you can have it in cute little bags as people leave the ceremony, perhaps in jars at each table....whatever you decide just know it is addicting and your guests will love you these hand crafted confections.

Happy planning!!

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