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How Do I Pick My Wedding Day Hairstyle?

There are so many options! How do you know the one hairstyle that is right for you? Let me help you narrow down your pinterest board and check one more thing off of your to-do list.

Theme of your wedding.

Think about your wedding theme, your dress, and the style you are going for. You may love that vintage look, but your ballgown sparkling dress may look better without pincurls. Pick a style that ​​compliments your dress, your accessories and the overall look of your wedding.

Compliment your face.

If you love the sleek look of a low chignon, but you don't like how you look in just a plain ponytail, you are probably not going to like that on yourself. Picking a style that compliments your face shape and how you feel the prettiest is important, because no matter how incredible the updo is, if you don't like it on your face then you will not be happy.

Consider your veil.

If you are wearing a veil or another headpiece or accessory, think of how you want to showcase it (or minimize it.) A family heirloom probably shouldn't be overtaken by the hair, but rather the hairstyle should compliment it. If your heart is set on a flower crown, the hairstyle should accompany it so they are not disconnected. You can always pick your hairstyle first, then the veil or accessory. If your hairpiece is chosen with the dress, deciding on a style that works well with what you already have will help you to complete your look from head to toe.


Getting married in the hot summer months is not conducive to soft flowing curls. This is not to say it can't be done, but you may just enjoy your outdoor wedding and reception in 95 degree heat much more without sticky used-to-be-curls plastered to your back. If you are getting married in the winter and will have to take a coat on and off, having a style a little off of the nape of your neck may be something to consider as well. Minnesota is a tricky place to plan a wedding weather-wise, so ask your stylist her opinion after you do a trial run. They will be able to give you an honest idea of how your hair will hold up.


Lastly, think of times that you have felt the most beautiful. Was it a past wedding you were in and had a great style? Was it a casual event that you did your own hair? I know for me, I wanted to feel out of the ordinary on my wedding day. My go to upstyle includes a sweeping side part, so to stand out as extra special I decided to wear my hair all back away from my face. I felt especially beautiful because of that choice, and it wouldn't have mattered what my hair looked like in the back. So put some make up on, turn up your favorite music, and sit in front of the mirror. Hold your hair in different ways, try different parts, just play a little. You may land on something you love that can help narrow down your pinterest board!

Happy planning!

Heidi :)

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