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Have your cake and eat it too

I never like when people say "you CAN"t have your cake and eat it too"...because I always feel like there is a way to do it. When my bride, Dana, came to me and said she wanted to have her hair up for her ceremony and wanted it down for the reception I was determined to give her a style that she could take out and it would look good down for her!

Emma Mullins Photography

We created a modern take on a vintage look, with pin curl style hair on the side and a low simple bun that could easily be taken out after her ceremony. I used minimal pins so there wouldn't be any kinks or weird spots, and she could just shake it out and be ready to dance the night away!

Emma Mullins Photography

I can't promise I can do all the things to make your wedding perfect, but I will do the very best I can to accommodate any request you may have no matter how big or out of the box. I think on your wedding day you should be able to aways have your (wedding) cake, and eat it too!

Emma Mullins Photography

Emma Mullins Photography

Photography by Emma Mullins Photography

Makeup by Mirandart

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A word from the bride from

Heidi is the LeBron James of wedding hair

Heidi and Miranda are hair and makeup magicians and exactly who I didn't know I needed on my wedding day. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted for my "look" and Heidi was so patient and thoughtful in helping me get the look that I wanted...It's like she just knew! I couldn't decide if I wanted my hair up or down so she gave me the most beautiful updo (it was a modern twist on a chignon with vintage pinwheel curls) and set it so that I could take it out and wear my hair down after the ceremony. Like--WHAT?!? She's a genius. Not only is she so incredibly talented, but so flexible and professional. I loved that she only does one wedding per day and the payments were easy and online so you didn't have to worry about one more thing on your wedding day. If you want to look frickin' amazing and not stress about your look or managing another vendor then hire Heidi already!

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