So you want your hair all down for your wedding but you feel like it should be “fancier” than that for your big day? Or maybe your bridesmaids want their hair down, but you’d like it to be a little creative? Well I’ve got some ideas for you! Check out these styles below!

Is your mom nervous about having her hair and makeup done for your wedding? She’s not alone! It’s such a new experience for them, and they often feel a lot of anxiety around the process! It’s totally normal to have a hair and makeup trial for your momma too, so bring her along to yours if that will help her nerves!

If a trial isn’t possible, the best thing for her to do is to find 2-3 pictures of herself where she really likes her hairstyle and have that ready to show the stylist. This give us a helpful glimpse into what she likes so we can create something beautiful for your wedding day!

Another idea is to have her chat with the stylist and makeup artist in advance. Have her send some current photos as well as inspiration photos for the big day. You will all be on the same page and your mom can have all her questions answered in advance, which will help her go into your wedding day with more calm and less nerves (about hair and makeup, anyway!! No guarantees on the rest of the wedding!)

Hi friends!

I see a big variety of bridesmaids gifts that brides give to their best gals. The most common thing used to be jewelry, and the last few years it has definitely been robes. (One bride I had gave her fall wedding party matching flannels! So cute!) One of my favorite (and most practical!) gifts I’ve seen has been personalized water bottles. Well-now I’ve officially found the cutest ones and I’m going to tell you where to get it!

First of all, you can get custom colors for both the water bottle and the writing, I chose my fave color and opted for simple white writing. You can have it say “bridesmaid” or “maid of honor” or their name, so everyone gets their own unique water bottle! It also comes with a straw-perfect for saving your lip color. It’s not the cheapy plastic kind of bottle either, it’s stainless steel and keeps stuff cold for hours and hours-which is the good kind of water bottle we all need!

If water bottles aren’t your jam and you’re more of a “let’s drink wine“ together type of bride, check out their website for personalized wine cups too-and actually a whole lot more fun gift ideas. Super legit, super cute stuff for your gals (and guys too!).

I'm all about making life less complicated, so that's why I'm happy to share a one stop shop for you to get the gifts you need for your bridal party! Here are the direct links to both sites:

Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Cheers, my friends!

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