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Pre-Wedding Tips and Treatments for your Groom

Guest post by Eleanor Cains

The build-up to your wedding is an exciting time, but it can also feel like a never-ending to-do list! So it’s useful to have some straightforward advice on how to get ready with pre-wedding grooming treatments that’ll help you look and feel fantastic. From how to get your facial hair on point to how to get thicker hair, here are 5 essential tips.

1. Focus on facial hair

You might choose to enlist the help of a professional to get your facial hair looking its best with an appointment a few days before your wedding. But it’s important to keep your stubble, mustache and/or beard well-groomed in the lead-up, too.

Regularly trim and apply specialist products to keep both the hair and the skin underneath well nourished. If you like that stubble look or even go clean-shaven every day, ensure that you’re using a pre-shave oil and post-shave balm to help reduce the chance of irritation.

2. Remember the facial

Great-looking facial hair isn’t just about the strands themselves – it also relies on the quality of your follicles and skin. And facials are the perfect way to treat the skin under your beard.

If you’ve never had a facial before, make sure you arrange your first treatment months in advance, in case you have an adverse reaction. Then you can see what approach works best for your skin, and soak up the goodness in the weeks leading up to the ceremony.

3. Nourish your hair

Getting the hair on your head in great condition is also a long game, not a night-before panic wash! In the weeks and months leading up to your wedding, pay special attention to your hair. This is the time to enjoy weekly deep conditioning treatments and nourishing hair masks tailored to your specific hair type, to get your strands strong and glossy.

It’s also the perfect time to get back to basics. Do you wash your hair every day, and towel it dry? Your hair will respond better if you wash it around three times a week, instead. Otherwise, you’re stripping your hair of the natural protective oils your scalp produces. Of course, it’s all about balance, and you need to keep your scalp and hair clean with regular shampooing to remove dirt, bacteria, styling products and sweat. But don’t do this on a daily basis.

As for drying, gently pat your hair with a towel and let it air dry instead of briskly rubbing it – that friction can damage your hair. Do you use a hairdryer? Spritz on some heat protectant spray beforehand (or better yet, ditch the hot styling tools for a while).

4. Pre-plan your haircut

If you’re interested in a new look, make sure you have a consultation with a professional well in advance. You don’t want to have a drastic change right before your big day. You can use this consultation to discuss other aspects of your hair care too, like how to change color or how to get thicker hair.

Even if you decide to wear your hair in your usual style for your wedding, rather than going for a new look, you want it look its very best. So, book in trim with your stylist or barber one or two weeks before the ceremony.

5. Nail those nails

You might never have had a manicure before, but if there’s one occasion when it’s worth trying this nail and hand treatment, it’s your wedding day. After all, there are going to be plenty of close-up photos of your hands.

If you thought a manicure was just about nail polish and adding color, think again, my friend. At its core, it’s about improving the condition of your cuticles, nails, and skin. Typically, a manicurist will trim and file your nails into a smooth, even shape. They’ll apply soothing lotions and gels to help soften your cuticles, which they’ll push down gently to make your whole nail bed look neat and tidy.

As you’ll see when you read about beauty tips for the week of the wedding, a manicure is a treatment where timing is everything. You don’t want to schedule it in too far ahead of the ceremony, as that gives more time for the fresh effect to wear off. Book in yours for a day or two before the big event.

Pre-wedding grooming treatments are a great way to get your skin and hair looking great for your big day, and they help you feel great. Enjoy this special time!


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