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Hollywood Waves Advice

Hello, my friends!

All forms of Hollywood Waves have made a huge comeback in the last few years. They can have so much variety, from truly vintage to a more modern take. Brides love the all down, glamorous feel of this style. Sweeping back just one side is enough to keep hair off of your face and yet still have that all down look.

(Makeup by Miranda Xiong)

It's important to note that Hollywood Waves are very time consuming and one of the trickier styles for us hairstylists. There's a handful of different techniques that all work well, but each bride has a different hair type and length and so we have to make sure we're using the best technique for a bride's particular hair.

(Makeup by Samuelle Dilla)

I want to share with you a few tips if this is the style you are going for, so you can be prepared!

  • A trial is pretty important for this look-mostly to make sure we can get your style to last and see how it holds up. If you can't do a trial, I recommend a face-to-face zoom call to talk through details of your hair

  • If your hair is all one length and really thick, this style will be harder to create. Getting layers cut helps, but if you can't do that then you should talk in length about realistic expectations for your wedding day

  • Have at least 3 inspiration photos-there are so many variations of Hollywood Waves, so having those pictures will really show your stylist what you want

  • Extensions are very helpful to get the looks you see on pinterest. They provide an anchor for the waves to really hold, so don't be surprised if your stylist suggests them

  • Getting a professional blow out the day before the wedding is a great way to prep your hair for this style

  • This style is time consuming-expect 1.5-2 hours for your hair

  • Getting the front perfect is one of the hardest parts for us. Be really specific on how you want it to look, and then be open to your stylists expert advice on how to achieve it and make it last. It can be really challenging to get a big, voluminous swoop that lasts for 8 hours because of, well, gravity. Many photos we see online are photoshoot ready-not necessary styles that have lasted an entire day

(Makeup by First Looks LLC)

I hope those are some helpful things to consider! I always recommend showing the specific style you want if you know exactly what that is to your stylist before booking them. Make sure they feel 100% confident, and if not, I would highly encourage you to find someone that is! This style takes practice and not everyone has taken the time to learn..

Alright my beautiful bride to be, feel free to comment or reach out with any and all questions! I'm here for you!

With gratitude,

Heidi ;)


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