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A little help from your friends..

This is a hard time to be a bride. You've been planning your wedding for a long time-maybe even two years! And now when the final countdown begins, you have to reschedule. May even another whole year!! Even if you get to have all of your same vendors, and you have a new date that you want, and you didn't have to lose any's still SO disappointing. So So disappointing. Because of this, I want to encourage you to think of ways that you can keep the exciting and joyful energy of your wedding going strong while you wait. What's one way to do this?

Get a little help from your friends!

Reach out to your bridesmaids, your best friends and fam, and ask them to help you stay excited! See if they'd be willing to do a monthly zoom call to talk over details of your wedding, or share via email hairstyles you all like, or be willing to try a new skincare regime or workout routine together as you prepare for the wedding. The point is, don't let this year go by in disappointment and frustration-let it be excitement and anticipation with your best friends! Let them help you keep the momentum up and the joy alive!

You chose your bridesmaids for a reason. Reach out now in this unique time and ask for their support-they LOVE you! Let the excitement keep rising-after all, you only get married once!!

Hang in there, my friends!

Heidi :)


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