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Pre-Wedding Hair and Skincare Routine

Getting married can be one of the best days in a girl’s life! As well as planning each part of your special day, you want to look great too... After all, you’ll be the centre of attention! Here I’ll share my tips and tricks using oils like coconut oil for hair care to how to avoid skin outbreaks in the led up to your big day. With a few simple additions to your pre-wedding beauty routine, you can look and feel fabulous on your wedding day.

Jeannine Marie Photography

Top tips for getting your skin ready for your wedding day:

When it comes to getting married, you can guarantee there will be hundreds of photos taken. It can be terrifying ahead of time, as you might be worried about all those close ups of your face and hands with your new wedding ring. Here are some easy steps to make sure your skin is in perfect condition ready for your wedding day.

  1. Regularly exfoliate. Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of pesky dead skin cells and blackheads too! This means you can have smooth, beautiful skin ready for manicures and make-up!

  2. Massage oil into your hands and feet. This is a perfect way to keep the skin soft! It’s also worth using a pumice stone on your feet during your shower or bath to remove unsightly dead skin, important if you have sling-back or open-toe shoes!

  3. Don’t forget your hair removal. To avoid red skin or rashes, it is important that hair removal is part of your regular skin care routine. Sudden hair removal can damage your skin, leaving it sore and not looking its best for your wedding.

How to achieve healthy, beautiful hair for the perfect wedding up-do:

I think that your hair is one of the best ways to make a statement on your wedding day, and many of us (me included!) have ideas of the perfect updo we want. Here are my top tips to ensure you keep your hair healthy ahead of your big day.

  1. Use oils like coconut oil for hair care as part of your regular beauty regime. Coconut oil is full of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Melting it means it can be used to massage your scalp and treat dandruff. It is also a perfect conditioner.

  2. If you’re styling your hair, don’t forget to use heat protection. While using curling irons or straighteners may help you look great when you go out, they can leave your hair broken and damaged over time so always use a heat protection spray.

  3. Your hair is weakest when wet, avoid damage by using a comb. Using a wide tooth comb will help prevent damage to your hair, simply spray on a detangler or rub coconut oil into the ends of your hair to detangle knots and help prevent split ends.

Allison Hopperstad Photography

Planning your wedding day with the love of your life can be stressful, but I promise it is worth it! With my easy tips and tricks, you can make sure your hair and skin look great and are super healthy on that special day and beyond.

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