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Focus On What Matters


How beautiful is this bride?? So gorgeous, right? I think so. I love her soft curls, her half up half down style, and the classic style of her veil being worn high. It is so timeless. During her trial run, we had a great conversation about how her fiance's family lives out of the country. They struggled with when to plan the wedding, if the family would be able to get here at all, and how to navigate wanting to be married but also wanting family around. This is a reality for a lot of brides and grooms, and it is hard to know what to do. Ultimately, they decided that it was important for them to get married and start their life together, and they would do their best to include the family that doesn't live here in other meaningful ways. They were able to go to Canada for their honeymoon because some of the family was able to get there and could celebrate after their ceremony here in Minnesota. I admired the flexibility of this couple, and it made me think about how they really did focus on what matters most. They knew they may not get the wedding they wanted in the near future with everyone able to come, so they did that they could here and now and planned their beautiful wedding, and then spent meaningful time with the family after their wedding, with hopes in the future to celebrate with everyone.

In the midst of crazy planning, lots of opinions, and trying to balance so many things-I encourage you to think about the things that really matter to you and your fiance and move forward into those things. What are your top priorities, what are your highest values, and what means the most to your fiance and you? Spend time thinking of those things together and keep that the focus as you make your decisions. You want your wedding day to be full of joy and love, not regret and stress. Focus on what matters the most.

Your love, your covenant, your sacrament before your friends and family. Celebration and joy. That is your wedding day.

Happy Planning!


Beautiful photography by the talented Amanda Nippoldt!

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