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5 Tips on Getting your Wedding Hair Fab

Arguably pinpointed to be the single most important day of one’s life would be the day of their wedding. Months are spent planning where it will be held, what food will be eaten, what colors should be used, what theme should be followed, what the bridesmaids should wear, finding the perfect wedding dress, etc.

During the preparation for this wondrous wedding, the looks and aesthetic are one of the aspects most thought over and planned to perfection. There are many smaller aspects of preparation that, although of less importance to the the overall function of the wedding, are still extremely important.

One of these smaller aspects being the styling of the bride herself, more specifically the bridal hair style. Hair can be a struggle, even for the most experienced hair stylist, because every head of hair is different. However, your wedding is not the day when you want to be dealing with hair struggles. Do not worry, there are many tips to achieving fabulous wedding hair!

Photo by Tarah Elise Photography

Tips on Getting Your Hair Wedding Fab:

1) Make sure to have a hair styling trial

Although it is not necessary to have your hair styled by someone else, I would recommend investing in such a service.

On your wedding day the last thing you want to be stressed about is successfully styling your own hair-- especially when hair can very finicky. Going along with investing in a hair stylist for the wedding day would be having a hair trial.

You may think that your hair stylist is more than capable of giving you the wedding hair style of your dreams, however, there are many bumps in the road that could surface that were not expected.

Having a hair style trial will make sure that the hair stylist has an opportunity to work with your hair and figure out what hair tools and hair products will be the most effective with your hair type.

It will also allow the stylist the ability to figure out how the hair stylist you want will work best with your hair, opposed to the hair the stylist has worked with before. Only good can come from having a hair styling trial before your big day, so don’t hesitate to try it out!

2) Time how long it will take-

Another important detail to figure out is the time that will need to be allotted to styling your hair. The last thing you want to be dealing with is being rushed on time to perfect your wedding hair.

You want to feel refreshed and not stressed, especially while getting ready. So, set a timer during the trial run of styling your hair, and add on an extra ten to twenty minutes, designated just to perfecting your hair.

After all, this is the one day where you don’t want to stress over the look of your hair -- you want to be confident in your fabulous locks!

3) Pay attention & Speak up-

Make sure to pay attention while getting your hair styled. If there is anything that you don’t like about your hair, don’t be afraid to speak up, after all, this is your big day!

Throughout the styling process, don’t forget to pay attention to the back of your head too! The back of your head may not be visible, thus it may not seem important, but it will be visible in pictures!

Communicate with your stylist, after all, they want to do a great job and make you feel and look your best!

4) Limit your inspo pictures-

Now I know that it is extremely easy to get carried away scrolling through pinterest and dreaming of the perfect hair style. Take as much time as you need searching for the perfect updo or flowing locks, however, make sure to narrow down to a maximum of 2-3 pictures to show your hair stylist for inspiration.

Having more than 2-3 can confuse your hair stylist on what you are really looking for. They may feel more freedom in making up a look, that can often end in the bride not being satisfied with the final hair look.

So, simplify it. Show 1-3 pictures of inspiration, making sure these pictures are exactly to almost exactly what you want. That way there is less room for confusion in what you want, both from the bride and stylist’s perspective.

5) Ask your friends for advice-

This is your wedding day, and your wedding day hair! There is not reason for you to go through this process alone.

Ask friends for advice on what they think would look best for your hair type. Focus in on friends that have a similar hair type to you, asking what products best helped them control frizz, nourish split ends, give volume, etc.

Show them the inspiration pictures that your most liked, and have them help you narrow down to a few that you can then show your stylist.

If your having trouble finding a stylist, ask your friends for hair accessory recommendations, after all, they want you to have the absolute best for your wedding!

I hope you take into consideration all these tips for how to get fabulous hair for your wedding! Don’t hesitate to strive for nothing less than the perfect wedding hair, after all, you deserve nothing than the absolute best!

Jennifer is the beauty and brains behind Beautifully Alive! She loves eating healthy and trying new recipes.The self-proclaimed Zumba Queen has a passion for beauty products and loves reading new books. She's always down for a DIY project!

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