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Your wedding day look can be overwhelming....not only do you have the day of hair and makeup to worry about, but may also have tons of prep to do: hair color refresh, and new cut, tanning, a facial, getting your nails done, eyelash extensions, eyebrow wax, body wax....omg. That's a lot of stuff! That list either freaks you out, overwhelms you, or possibility the feeling of acting like a celebrity for the season excites you. (That was me!) Anyway, whether you do all of those things or not the important thing is getting to marry the person of your dreams, and feeling and looking beautiful is a bonus, I wanted to share a photoshoot I was a part of recently to show you how a really simple look can be just lovely-simply having a beautiful bouquet in a clean, fresh venue can be simple and stunning and save you a ton of stress! (Okay okay so she had lash extensions.....but other than that her look is bright and easy breezy with her hair down, fresh makeup, and a soft dress!)

Vendors involved:

Photographer Tiffany Kokal

Models: @aliciaclaire88 + @austingelhar

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