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A Word About Trials

You just booked your hairstylist and makeup artist. Now what?

It's trial time people. Here is what you need to know about your trial:

1. Booking about 4-6 weeks before your wedding is just about perfect. By then you'll have your dress, your overall wedding look and feel, and most likely an idea of what your accessories will be. Having all these things in place will help you narrow in on your hair and makeup, and you won't be as likely to go back and forth between looks at this point.

2. Make a Pinterest board of styles you like. Even if you just like the front on one, the back on another, one particular swoop of the bang on another photo-that is fine. As a hairstylist, it is really helpful to see a wide variety of styles you like and get a broad idea of your tastes. That being said, if you just LOVE one look, that's okay too!

3. Have your veil and accessories if you have them. If you are unsure on accessories, I recommend finding a few pictures of what you like and your hairstylist should be able to help you track down a place to get them. You can also surprise yourself with what you like, so I also recommend trying out a variety of hair pieces and just returning the ones you don't like. If you look in local accessory shops and not big bridal places, you can find more inexpensive options.

4. Wear your hair how you'll most likely have it on your wedding day morning. If you plan to get a blow out for your rehearsal dinner, do that before your trial. If you plan on waking up, taking a shower and blow drying it, do that. You'll give your stylist the most accurate feel for your hair.

5. Bring a pal! It's always helpful to have a second set of eyes. Your wedding hair and makeup is going to be out of your ordinary look, and sometimes it helps to get some encouragement from those closest to you and have them weigh in on your options.

Of course, this is a general outline, but hopefully it gives some clarity on what to do! A good stylist will take the time to listen to you carefully before they start, and also let you try out a few different looks.

Here is an example of the trial and the actual wedding day. We changed the back just slightly, and then added fresh flowers the day of her wedding.

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