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Bring on the Fun!

I have had the opportunity to meet some unique folks that provide interesting and unique services to weddings and events. Whether you want a few ideas to make your cocktail hour more fun, or you want to create a memorable time for your reception guests, I have some fun, local ideas you may not have heard of-so let's bring on the fun!

Replace that string quartet with trivia!

Sassy Lassy Trivia brings live, interactive, customizable trivia to your wedding. The performers over at Sassy Lassy are full of wit and moxie and ready to liven up your par-tay. I met the owner and oh man she was full of life, that's for sure. This may be a really fun idea if you have a long wait until dinner starts and you want to entertain your guests and keep them laughing! Want to learn more? Sassy Lassy Trivia

Draw up your guests.

Caricaturists are not just for fairs-they will come to your wedding and draw your guests! When that photo booth line is long, guests can just sit back and wait for their worst features to be accentuated 😉 check out Exaggerated Entertainment!

Have a magical wedding!

This guy is really, well, magical. I have seen his work up close and personal and it's pretty darn good. While your guests are chatting over fancy cocktails they can be incredibly entertained by this guy: Hudson Master Magician.

Balloons aren't just for kids.

I met Mandana at a networking event, and she had THEE cutest balloon accessories-a headband and a ring. A balloon ring! Who knew that was a thing? Anyway, she's pretty talented and I know I'd be happy to leave a wedding with a new balloon accessory as my favor....or at least I would Instagram it before I gave it to my niece. Here is her website:

Life size Jenga, anyone?

I was doing a little research for wedding fun and came across this gem on size Jenga! How fun would it be to personalize this blocks with facts about you and your fiancee? And for only $ could buy a few and keep people busy while you are wrapping up your family photos!

Cootie Catchers?!?

Okay-also in my research I came across perhaps my favorite thing. Maybe I am in love with these because they are nostalgic, maybe it's because I created copious amounts of these as a kid, but whatever the reason the personalized, wedding themed cootie catcher is a dream come true. Yes, my friends, these exist! You can personalize them and have them on the tables for hours of fun. I kind of want them just to have laying around my house....

I hope you've gotten some new ideas to give your wedding an extra dose of fun.

Happy Planning!

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