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A Picture Perfect Face

Whether or not you are a big makeup wearer or not, we all want to look pretty on our wedding day.

There is a lot of time spent looking for the perfect dress, shoe shopping, and scrolling through hair ideas. It is easy to put off thinking about your makeup until the last minute, but it is something to consider right from the get go of wedding planning. Plus, some of us will spend thousands of dollars on our wedding dress, so let's make sure we look like a million bucks from the shoulders up too!

I consulted with one of my makeup artists, Miranda, to find out what you can start doing right away. Here is what she said:

  1. Drink lots of water.

  2. Eat healthy. Your skin's health starts from the inside out-so what you put in your body will affect your skin.

  3. Always use sunblock, and reapply every 2 hours. Don't forget your lips! Look for colors that have SPF, or use regular lip balm with SPF. You can also find foundation, tinted moisturizers, makeup setting spray and loose powder that contains SPF at makeup stores like Sephora.

  4. Use skincare products that are gentle. You never want to scrub your skin so hard that you start to produce more oils than your face needs. You can also create dryness with the use of harsh products.

  5. Consider spray tanning instead of tanning in a bed. If you decide to go tanning in a bed, try it out before your wedding so you know how many times you need to go in order to achieve the color you want. The same goes for a spray tan-test it out for your bachelorette party or a vacation to see what level looks best on you.

  6. Try out new products months before your wedding to make sure you don't have any allergic reactions.

  7. If you can, get a monthly facial to help de-clog your pores and get your skin glowing!

  8. Lastly, if you have problematic skin, start a skincare routine right away. This may involve seeing a dermatologist or meeting regularly with an aesthetician. (Check out another makeup artist I love to work with, Cassie. She specializes in treating acne and help get your skin bridal ready!

Makeup trials are best done a month or two before your wedding, but it is a good idea to reach out to your makeup artist for a email or phone consultation once you hire them so they can advice you even further on how to achieve your Picture Perfect face!

Need some makeup inspiration? Check out Miranda's instagram page!

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