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How To Pick Your Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

You've got so many decisions to make for your wedding day, and I know it can be exhausting! I have 6 things to consider when picking your wedding day hairstyle. Let's make the process of your wedding day hairstyle fun! Read on, my friend!

1. Venue + Dress
2. All up, all down, or half way?
3. Style of Updo
4. Face + Head Shape
5. Size
6. Limiting Factors
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1. First things first. Pick your venue + your dress.

When you start googling "wedding hairstyles", prepare to be overwhelmed. There are SO many options to choose from, so you've gotta start planning other aspects of your wedding first. Once you nail down your venue and your dress, your overall look for your wedding will start to fall into place. This will make it much easier to narrow down a hairstyle for your big day. 

2. The next step is to decide between all up, all down, or partially up.

Here are some things to consider: do you want to show off the back of your dress? Can the weather on your wedding date be hot and humid? Does your hair tend to not hold a curl? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may want to consider wearing your hair all up. If you know you'll only feel your best if your hair is partially or all down, then make sure to discuss longevity of the style you pick with your hairstylist. Also consider having extensions to create more length and fullness. If you are truly undecided about all up or down, then make sure to try both at your hair trial.

3. Now you need to think about the style of updo/downstyle you're going for.

Do you like loose, messier looks? Boho-inspired? Vintage? Smooth and polished? Well defined curls or a more undone look? Getting the language right around what style you want will help to narrow down photos. If you are having a ballroom style venue and you have a big dress, then I'd recommend classic hairstyles, more polished, and more defined curls. Maybe you're getting married in a barn, and have a more laid back vibe. A looser style may fit this look with a braid. If you have a fitted dress with minimal embellishments, then a sleeker hairstyle may suit that the best. Think about the overall feel of your wedding and what style would go best with your dress and vibe.

4. Know your face and head shape.

Sit in front of a mirror and look at yourself straight on. Do you like your hair parted on a certain side? Down the middle? How do you feel about all of your hair going straight back, away from your face? Do you like to have a few strands of hair left out around your face? How about around your ears? Do you want them to show or have hair softly falling over your ears? Do you need some volume on the sides to balance out a longer face? Or maybe you need height on top to bring more balance? If you're not sure about any of these things, your hairstylist can help you! I find that most of the time you know what you like around the front-so go into your trial with some of the things I've listed above figured out and mention them to your stylist. You can adjust most any hairstyle you find to accommodate how you like your hair in the front.

5. Size of the updo.


When you look straight at yourself, do you want the updo in the back to be big enough to see from the front? Do you want it high up? Or do you want something over your shoulder, or maybe just more subtle? You can basically take any style of updo you like and make it big or small! The size of the updo will also depend on your hair length and thickness. That said, hair padding or extensions can help create a bigger updo if you desire a fuller look. 

6. Understand your limiting factors.


It's important to understand your unique hair and understand it's limitations. While it is important to be realistic, I always say to dream big and we can try to figure out a way to make it happen! We can add different types of extensions to thicken hair or lengthen it, and sometimes adding highlights or lowlights can achieve the look you want. But it is important to know that your specific texture of hair, length, and density will all make a difference in the outcome of your look. 

Now that you've thought through these 6 things, create a pinterest board of 5-6 styles that you really like. You don't have to love every part of each photo, but if you are able to pick out specific elements of each photo that you really love you can create an updo that is unique for you that you will love! 

Now there will be some of you who read all of this and you still don't have a clue. That's okay! If that is the case, I'll bet you can find a few photos of styles you DON'T like and that will help you stylist eliminate a few options. Beyond that, give your stylist the feel of your wedding so they understand your venue, dress, accessories, and style and let them try a few looks on you that they feel would suite your wedding, hair type, and face shape. Sometimes stylists can wow you with something you would've never thought of! 

Questions? Let's talk! Schedule your totally free consult with me, I'm happy to help! (Even if you just need some hair advice, I'm here for you!)
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