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Covid-19 + Your Wedding Day

Changing your wedding date after you've signed your contract: 

You can change your wedding date at no additional cost and stay locked in at your current contract rates without any extra fees. I'll do everything I can to accommodate a new date for you, and if I don't have anyone available on my team available then I'll refund your deposit. 

Changing the number of people getting services on your wedding date:

I know how things can change super last minute, so I'm willing and able to work with you to be able to provide the services you need for your wedding party. If that means that it's just you needing hair and makeup, we can make that happen. If you still have a large wedding party, we will work with you to create a safe environment for you, your wedding party, and us. 

What measures do we take for safety?

Everyone on my team, including myself, are either sanitation certified through their licensure or through a special 4 hour safety and sanitation course. We all wear masks and practice diligent hand and equipment sanitation. My makeup artists also wear face shields. We have also started allowing more time when possible to take extra cleaning precautions in between clients. 

Have questions?

Email me at! I'm happy to help!

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