I just spoke with a bride yesterday who told me that her biggest regret of her wedding was having her mom be the "planner." She said even though her mom was intially excited about doing it, she was super stressed out at the wedding and she didn't get to enjoy it. The bride said she didn't even get to spend anytime with her mom on her wedding day because she was so busy and stressed out.

I can't even begin to tell you how many weddings I have been at where the bride is pulled in a billion directions while I am doing her hair. Her phone rings off the hook, her mom is a ball of anxiety, and the groom didn't know he was supposed to be ready by 1pm . It's hard to relax when you are telling 80 people where they are supposed to be and what they should be doing.

The only decision you should be making the morning of your wedding is whether you want orange juice or grapefruit juice in your mimosa. (Or perhaps Caribou or Starbucks?!?)

But how does one achieve such wedding day bliss? One option is to hire a planner. It is a big investment, but I really believe it will help you to experience more joy and peace on your wedding day.

But maybe a wedding planner isn't in your budget. In this case, enlist your most organized pals to get on board. Having a few trusted friends take over for you on your wedding day will be extremely helpful-and this person shouldn't be someone who has any other role in your wedding.

That is exactly what I did for my wedding two years ago, and It was wonderful. A few days before my wedding, I told my friend-the super organized can plan a party for 500 people on a whim extroverted take charge problem solver super girl I don't know how she does it friend-all the information I had in my head for the wedding day and had her take over. She was the point person, she answered the questions, she made the decisions, she solved the problems, and she saved the day over and over again. She went to the grocery store when the caterer forgot something, and took over for the DJ when he forgot what to say. But not all of us have friends who are able to do that, so in that case I think a planner is worth considering. Here are a few reasons why a planner can be helpful on the day of your wedding and during your engagement season:

1. Peace on your wedding day. A planner will know each and every one of your vendors, who the contact person is, what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to arrive, etc. This allows you to sleep well the night of your wedding, wake up relaxed, and spend quality time with your best gals and family. You won't have to answer 10 phone calls while you are getting your hair done or have to figure out what to do about the groomsman's ill-fitting tux.

2. Less stressful engagement season. I read that the average person spends 10 hours a week planning their wedding. (according to a survey on forbes.com) That is a lot of time!! To give you an idea of cost I chatted with my friend Josie from Sixpence Events and Planning. She said the industry average in Hennepin County is $3200. From what I have seen you can find full service planners starting at about $2,000 to upwards over $6,000. The average cost for a day-of wedding coordinator is around $1,200.

3. Vendor satisfaction. There are so many vendors to choose from, it is hard to know where to start. Planners can help you filter through the mix and find the good ones. They can also help you read through contracts and find hidden fees. Having a planner can help you and your fiancee know you made a quality decision and be really happy with your choices at your wedding-and not feel like you got sold.

4. Bringing your vision to life. Many of us have our dream wedding in our heads already-or we have a hodge podge of ideas that swim around with no place to land. Planners are great at helping to bring your hopes and dreams into fruition. They can help you know where to begin, who to hire to make your vision a reality, and how to bring it all together. Then, on your wedding day, they will be there to execute it all. Megan Latterner of Megan Mary Events likens a wedding planner to a quarterback on a football team-they are vital!

My overall advice is to ask for help while you're in the planning stages, and to delegate people to help you the morning of your wedding. It is such a beautiful and important day that you will have put so much time and energy into, you don't want to miss out on actually enjoying it!

If you need a place to get started, these are a few local planners I know personally and would recommend:

Josie of Sixpence Weddings and Events

Megan of Megan Mary Events

Brittany of Bella Mystique

Britt of Woven and Wed

Happy planning!

As a wedding hairstylist, the phrase I hear most often from brides about their hair is "I've been growing out my hair for my wedding day." A great updo is not always dependent on long hair, but how do you know what your hair can do? Here is your cheat sheet to understand how your hair needs to be to get the style you want.

Wedding Day Hair Cheat Sheet

The Low, Curly Bun

Most any hair type works for this, and as long as your hair is almost shoulder length, you can achieve this look. The variable is how big you want the bun to be. If you want it BIG, then ask your stylist to add some fake hair at the base or a sponge donut to create volume.

Length: Past shoulders Texture: Straight, medium thickness

The Classic Chignon

You definitely need some length for this style to look great. Thicker hair is also helpful. If your heart is set on this style and your hair is short, start growing out your hair now. It needs to be past your shoulders, and not too fine. The other option is to add in extensions.

The Side 'Do

This works well if your hair is past your shoulders. You need enough to wrap around from one side to reach the other. If you want a cleaner, more polished look-the longer the better. If you want a more messy, undone style than it doesn't have to be quite as long.

The Half-Up/Half-Down

There are some beautiful pictures on pinterest with this style, and it is hard to achieve with most people's natural hair. Your hair needs to be long and hold a curl well. Extensions are your best option if you need to add length, and if your hair struggles to hold a curl then a great blow dry and an hour long curl set will be your best bet.

The Big Side Braid

I'm going to give it to you straight: very few people have thick enough hair to do this. The option to recreate it is to add fake hair into the braid, or to be okay with a smaller looking braid.

The Textured Low-Do

This works great for most hair types-naturally curly, thick, thin, or somewhere in between. Any length past the nape of your neck will usually work just fine.

The High, Curly Updo

You need some length for this style, and if you want it BIG then extensions are very helpful. You don't even have to invest in fancy extensions that clip, tape or glue in. You can get a hair weft, or bundle, and add it to your ponytail base to create fullness.

The Romantic Swept Back Low-Do

Medium length or longer, and medium thickness will work best for this look. It is also helpful if you have a good blow dry beforehand to get volume in the front and a smooth finish.

The French Twist

Most lengths work for this! I can get a great french twist with waist length hair and chin length hair. It is very versatile.

Get your hair Updo Ready:

Crazy curly hair: Get a Brazilian Blow Out or go to a blow dry bar before you wedding. If you are going the blow dry route, I recommend getting the blow dry and then trying out the updo to see how it holds up.

Super fine, limp hair: Get a soft perm a few months before your wedding or highlight it. Damaging your hair a bit will help give it texture and hold an updo better.

Really long, heavy hair: Get a good haircut so your ends are healthy, and if you want it to hold curl better get a few layers put in.

Short hair: Consider extensions to get the look you want, or play up your cute cut with a headband, birdcage veil, or barrette.

I recommend getting a trim the month before your wedding, that way you won't have ends that are frizzy in your updo.

If you color your hair, do the color 2 weeks before your wedding so that if it's not quite right you have time to adjust it.

Talk to your wedding hair stylist about if you should wash your hair the morning of your wedding or not. They will know what's best based on the style that you want.

Questions? Comments? Leave a message! I'd love to help you with your wedding day hair!

Happy Planning!!

Heidi :)

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When buying a car, we think about what purpose it will fill for us. Does it have good mileage? Does it fit 3 carseats and my dog? Do I vacation a lot and need a roomy trunk? Do I want something that looks really sleek? How about the details? Do I want an awesome navigation system or maybe T.V.'s in the back? It all depends on my purpose. How about if I'm buying a home? What matters most? Maybe it's a big back yard, or good school district. Maybe the kitchen is great for hosting, or it has a lot of storage. Is it move in ready, or does it need a lot of DIY projects? Again, this all comes back to my purpose and what I value most. This is where I inevitably will spend my money.

The average wedding ends up being about the same cost as purchasing a new car, or even a downpayment on a house. Most people I know don't go out and buy a car on a whim, or purchase a house without giving it some thought. So why do we start throwing money at vendors without having a purpose and knowing our values for our wedding?

I find that brides-to-be pick a date, reserve a venue and then don't know where to begin. There is often a vision or a dream of the esthetic (rustic chic? princess fairytale?), but that's where it ends. We can see what it looks like, but not necessarily what we want it to be about. Money reflects what we value and what we care about. So does our time. Weddings take money and time, so I want to encourage you to think about what you care about and what you value most when it comes to your wedding.

So let's get started-no matter where you are at in your wedding planning. Get a notebook out or fresh piece of paper. Spend some time with your fiancee brainstorming what matters most to you. Is it a uniquely planned ceremony? Is it an awesome dance party? Maybe its having an incredible dinner, or really amazing music. Whatever it is, write down the things that you care about the most when it comes to your marriage.

For my wedding, my husband and I each cared deeply about two different things. I cared about the ceremony being really intentional and special, and he really wanted a fun reception with lots of dancing. We kept that at the forefront of our minds, and that not only helped with the time we spent planning, but also where we spent our money. Less money was spent on decor and flowers and more on an open bar. I spent more time with my officiants and musicians than I did with bridesmaids dresses and flowers.

Once you and your fiancee have narrowed it down, write down one or two purpose statements for your wedding. Keep these posted somewhere, or in your wedding planner or google doc. Refer back to it when making decisions. This way, when you are faced with a budgeting choice you can pick the option that most aligns with your purpose. When you are trying to figure out where to put your time, you can focus on what matters most to you and delegate the things that are secondary.

Treat your wedding planning with the same care you would with any other big purchase that you make in your life. Weddings are an accumulation of so many small investments, it's easy to get lost. Set your purpose, list what is important, then budget and allot your time accordingly. Planning doesn't just meaning creating a pinterest board and gathering card after card at wedding fairs!

When your wedding is all said and done, you can look back and see that you accomplished your wedding goals, and know that it was money well spent. After our wedding, I heard such great feedback from friends about how beautiful the ceremony was and how much fun they had dancing. That is what we cared about, and that is what we accomplished!

A purposeful wedding equals more joy and less stress for you in the engagement season. What are you waiting for? Make a date with your fiancee today and get started!

Happy Planning!

Heidi :)

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